What’s Going On?

At the end of October we start a new worship series: Overlooked. There are so many people in the Bible, who were overlooked by society but not by God. There are endless characters in Scripture, who we overlook but who have great lessons to teach us. There are so many times when we feel overlooked in life, and yet there is a love that looks over us always.

Join us through this month to give praise for what we can learn from Zacchaeus (whose stature was easy to overlook, but whose financial commitments overwhelmed the rest of his life), a collection of readings from the Minor Prophets (the short books with weird names and weirder poetry that some of us quickly pass over), Mary Magdalene (whose real life has been totally obscured by nonsensical rumors, which happens to many of us too), Mary and Martha (one of whom overlooked the presence of God right in her living room, the other of whom overlooked those pesky practical matters), and the nameless Samaritan leper (who almost follows his nine friends who skipped over thanking Jesus).