What’s Going On?

Lent is a time to grow, before Easter offers transformation to new life. This year, all through the season of Lent and Holy Week, we will be growing with some special verses of Jesus’ teachings. But what makes them special?

Down south, if I say “much obliged”, I mean ‘I am much obliged’, and everyone knows the ‘I am’ is just part of my thoughts, even if I don’t say it out loud. The same sort of thing happens when teachers take attendance at school: you say “here”, and they know you mean, ‘I am here’. These days text messages are getting even more succinct: “LOL” means ‘I am laughing out loud’, but no millennial in their right mind would spell that out!

For a lot of languages this is even more normal. In Spanish, for instance, every verb carries with it a sense of who is doing the action. “Canto” means ‘I sing’, and it is completely unnecessary to say ‘yo canto’ for ‘I sing’. Greek is the same way. All through the New Testament, hundreds of times, the gospel writers and Paul write “eimi” to say ‘I am’. No one spells out “ego eimi”, except… Jesus does it seven times in the book of John. Seven and only seven times in the whole New Testament, Jesus emphasizes the ‘I’, as a sort of underlining. And if Jesus wants to underline some teaching, let’s pay attention!

All through Lent and Holy Week, we’ll read these statements that seem so important to Jesus—I am the light of the world, I am the bread of life, I am the way, I am the resurrection—and hopefully grow into our relationship with God, our trust in grace, and our commitment to love.

Other than normal Sunday worship, don’t forget…

Maundy Thursday worship and dinner, 29 Mar 6:30 in the fellowship hall

Good Friday vigil, 30 Mar 6:30 in the sanctuary

Pancake breakfast, 1 Apr 8 am — We’ll make the pancakes, you bring the pot luck fixin’s!

Easter worship, 1 Apr 10 am – Don’t you love that Easter lands on the very day when death is an April Fool?