What’s Going On?

We make all these resolutions to make every new year fantastic. And then… so often, things get in the way.

We make plans for some time of life, to accomplish so much. And then… over and over, something derails us.

We set goals and intentions for good, positive results. And then… wouldn’t you know it?

It is like the world is full of enemies out to get us. Some might be this or that person out to do us ill, but more often, the little enemies are our own selves, our expectations, and the things we are almost powerless to resist. Or, sometimes the thing holding us back from a full and abundant life is this whole system of society that we are all but stuck in.

For the first five weeks of 2018, worship will be about Facing Our Enemies. When is compassion helpful? Why are we called to discipleship? How can we not be conformed, but transform our hearts? When should we love our enemies? Join us to worship a God that is always on our side.