What’s Going On?

Last summer we built a table in worship, where each week a different tool served as a metaphor for a different aspect of the Good News. This fall we turn to filling up that table, from the kitchen to the dining room.

The Bible has many images that relate food and cooking to holy living. Jesus talks about water and fish and heaven as a banquet. Paul makes a list of fruits of the spirit. Elijah makes bread and barbeque, before an angel shows up with a cake for desert. A handful of Hebrew prophets call for God to rescue them from salty, bitter, and sour life. And of course, the central ritual of the church is a meal.

To use those lessons in worship, each week the children will actually get to take part in some process of the kitchen. One week they’ll get to turn on the faucet, as we baptize a few children. Other weeks they’ll make soup, salad, lemonade, and cookies for fellowship. Another week we’ll send the kids out and the adults will make cupcakes for them!

Join us through September and October, In the Kitchen!