What’s Going On?

The next worship series is All in the Family. No, this has nothing to do with Archie Bunker, although I’m sure we could do something to bear the Good News against so much of what happened in that recliner…

Instead, we are going to start with the great-grandparents, Abram and Sarai, who become Abraham and Sarah when they received the first letter and breath of God’s own name. Abraham is considered the ancestor of three major faith systems (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), through his children Isaac and Ishmael. That latter boy, he fathered with the maid Hagar—imagine what Archie would say about that?

Isaac and his wife Rebekah had twin sons, Jacob and Esau, who fought like crazy and didn’t talk to each other for maybe decades, although finally as adults, they faced their old differences. Eventually Jacob had 13 sons, including the famous Joseph, of technicolor coat fame. Joseph’s life may have been the most remarkable of anyone who ever lived.

Through these four generations, over seven weeks, you’re going to become far more familiar with some classic Bible stories, deep holy values, and subtle messages for how to navigate our own family and community drama.

A special treat for this series is that we will use a particular style of music for each week. One Sunday will be all church classics. Another week, African-American spirituals. One week Bluegrass, then praise songs, et cetera, et cetera. I promise, you won’t like every style of music, but someone will connect more deeply each week. And that might be a good symbol of working with family drama: giving each of us a different opportunity to grow in our own ways.