What’s Going On?

You might know that there is a tree at the beginning of Genesis—actually two, but you’re probably more familiar with the one Adam and Eve weren’t supposed to eat from. You might also know there is a tree at the end of Revelation, with leaves for the healing of nations. Between those bookends, the Bible is full of other stories about actual trees (the Oaks of Mamre and Cedars of Lebanon) and metaphors about trees (such as, Jesus’ parable of the fig tree and Isaiah’s joyful trees).

Over the next several weeks in September and October, as our own aspens change to that beautiful golden hue, we’ll be hearing God’s Good News, through these and other Trees of Life. The kids will make their own branches and leaves of faith in childcare, and adults will have some fun finding all the tree references in our hymns. My hope is that this worship series help your roots grow deeper, so you can stand more firmly with the Spirit!