What We Do


Scripture leans toward a sense of “believing” that is far more about ‘be-loving’ and ‘believing in’ — that is, ‘trusting’ — than it is about ‘believing that’ or assenting to some sentence about religion or faith. So, we tend to appreciate open conversation, mystery and growth, more than doctrines and definitive answers and lists of propositions that imply some end of our faith journey.


There was a time when Christians were supposed to aim toward moral purity, or at least they tried to make others follow a bunch of rules, while they far-too-often ignored any deep discipleship. Nowadays, the behaviors that seem to draw us closer to God are less ‘shalt-y’, and more spiritually proactive: recognize God’s blessings, enjoying an abundant life, responding to God’s grace in prayer and service…


NCPC has about 60 formal members, who “belong” in a particular way. Another 30 or so folks tend to participate in the life of the community during the summer months. And still a third group of about 50 friends take part in various activities through the year. That is a stunningly diverse group of people, so whatever holds them together in this church family must be far more about inclusion than boundaries.