Summer Socks & Sandwiches

We had a great turnout for our fourth summer of Socks & Sandwiches! Each Thursday at noon, when school is out, we meet neighbors camping in the woods, share meals, offer various items that help (like socks & hygiene products), and hand out trash bags so that folks can keep their campsites and woods clean.

This year, with partners from the Forest Service, Fire Department, and CO Parks and Wildlife, we will be offering little workshops on safe campfire management and how to deal with wildlife.

Socks and Sandwiches tends to last June through mid-August, but homeless and home free campers are always welcome to charge their phones at the northeast corner, fill up fresh water in the spigot inside the playground, and take a break at the picnic tables.

Check out the camping guide that we prepared with Peak to Peak Forest Watch and other members of the Nederland Interagency Council on Homeless Encampments.

More information in the Mountain Ear article about Summer Sandwiches & Socks, and an update here.