Special Music

Occasionally we video some special music. Here are a few of our favorite anthems. (Everything here is hosted on Facebook, so you may need to ‘like’ our page to have full access and get updates on our new uploads.)

Will Ford sings, with Rev Hansen on guitar, “Believe” (Mumford & Sons), 20 August 2017

Will Ford sings “Imagine” (John Lennon), 6 August 2017

Will Ford sings “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen), 16 July 2017

Rev Hansen Wendlandt invites kids to the Children’s Sermon with “Calling All the Children Home” (John McCutcheon), 27 June 2017

Luke Harrison sings “Humble And Kind” (Tim McGraw), with his mom right there, 18 June 2017

Children’s Choir sings “If I Were a Butterfly”, 30 April 2017 (Easter)

Guest musician Alexa Wildish sings “Fields of Gold” (Sting), 23 April 2017

Bluegrass Camp jam, 8 June 2016

Luke and Will sing “Below My Feet” (Mumford & Sons), 24 May 2015