What’s Going On?

The week leading up to Easter is the most holy time on the Christian calendar. NCPC has many ways to celebrate this central drama of our faith story.

Palm Sunday – Join in worship on 9 April, as children inspire us all to welcome Jesus to Jerusalem and into our lives! Not only did Jesus flip a royal procession from power to humility, challenge the religious authorities’ thinking about everything, and turn over the tables on the ancient economic system, he calls us to resist the damaging assumptions soaked into our society and to lift our lives toward a counter-cultural holiness.

Special Offering – Each year on Palm Sunday NCPC receives a special offering to help hungry and thirsty people around the world. The children have their fish-shaped coin banks, and adults will have a special envelope in the bulletin. Any collection up to $500 will be matched, and used to provide meals for our Rise Against Hunger (formerly called Stop Hunger Now) packing session this fall!

Maundy Thursday – Just as Jesus shared supper with his closest friends, we will have a worship service around tables, on 13 April, 6:30 pm. There will be songs and prayer, and the elements of Communion will be part of a regular dinner meal we share together.
Good Friday – Join us on 14 April, 6:30 pm for a somber worship service, to reflect on Jesus’ death. Prepare for the power of silence, the disorientation of darkness, and the painful truth of our short embodied lives.

Pancake Pot-luck – One of the great traditions at NCPC is to start our holiest day with a fun feast. There will be pancakes flipping at 8am, but it’s up to you great cooks to provide the fixin’s! Breakfast continues for a while, although at 9am the children will head to Sunday School and choir to their warm up. If you aren’t much for cooking or early mornings, maybe you could contact BG Brooks to volunteer for clean-up!

Easter Sunday – Get your seats early, for one full worship service at 10am! The central message of our faith—new life in the God revealed through Jesus the Christ—will be shared in story, classic song, and communal prayer. There is no fellowship time afterwards, but you are welcome to bring your Easter brunch to the Guyer Garden.