Church Leaders

Do you have questions or comments about NCPC? In the Presbyterian denomination, the ministry of administration for each congregation is handled by its Session of Elders (like a spiritual Board of Trustees), and the ministry of compassion is directed by the Deacons. Here are your church leaders and staff.

Elder for Christian Ed, Aimee Tomlinson

Elder for Cultural Engagement, Will Ford

Elder for Fellowship, BG Brooks

Elder for Finance, Marylou Harrison

Elder for Property, Jim Reis

Elder for Worship, Dean Rundle

Deacon, David Ford

Deacon, Katie Haynes

Deacon, Tricia Stiefer

Deacon, Nancy Waldron

Choir Leader, Emily Haynes

Custodian, John Callahan

Director of Childcare, Sara Sandstrom-Kobi

Director of Finances, Wes Stiefer

Pastor, Rev Hansen Wendlandt

Pianist, Daniel Herman

Rocky Mountain Mission Coordinator, Wes Stiefer