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Here’s our collection of online worship services! You can also see past music, children’s messages, sermons and more, from right on the website!

28 Nov 2021, A Great Joy!

21 Nov 2021, Thanksgiving in the Commonplace

14 Nov 2021, War, Peace, and Gratitude

7 Nov 2021, Receiving and Giving With Grace

6 June 2021, Our Legacies in Christ

30 May 2021, A Lot of Love and Hope (provided by Plains and Peaks Presbytery)

23 May 2021, The Power of Pentecost

16 May 2021, The Ascension and Life’s Transitions

9 May 2021, Fresh Start

2 May 2021, Pursuing Prayer

25 Apr 2021, God is Greater Than Our Worried Hearts

18 Apr 2021, Total Life Change

11 Apr 2021, Presbytery-wide Worship

4 Apr 2021, Favorite Words: Logos

28 Mar 2021, Favorite Words: Skubalon

21 Mar 2021, Favorite Words: Hesed

14 Mar 2021, Favorite Words: Adamah & Hevel

7 Mar 2021, Favorite Words: Apocalypse

28 Feb 2021, Favorite Words: Shaddai

21 Feb 2021, Favorite Words: Splagchna

14 Feb 2021, Transformed for Love

7 Feb 2021, Prodigal: Silent

31 Jan 2021, Prodigal: Home

24 Jan 2021, Prodigal: Deeper

17 Jan 2021, Prodigal: Love

10 Jan 2021, God Will Help (Guest Preacher, Michael Vazquez)

3 Jan 2021, Epiphany

Carol Sing: Breath

Christmas Eve: Light

Advent: Love

Advent: Joy

Advent: Peace

Advent: Hope

Ready for Another Scandal

What Now? Peace

What Now? Redemption

What Now? Hope

What Now? Co-Creating God’s Goodness

40/40 Vision: Job’s AHA!

40/40 Vision: Jesus’ Temptation

40/40 Vision: Ezekiel’s Artful Protest

40/40 Vision: Moses’ Labor to Lead

40/40 Vision: Moses’ Mid-Life Crisis

40/40 Vision: Moses’ Privilege & Passion

40/40 Vision: Noah’s Storm & Peace

Impossible Love — Online Worship

One Letter: Praises/Raises — Online Worship

One Letter: Homo-i-ousios — Online Worship

One Letter: Vaw/Vaw — Online Worship

One Letter: Hell/Heal — Online Worship

One Letter: Rechem/Racham — Online Worship

One Letter: Command/Commend — Online Worship

One Letter: Worn/Word — Online Worship

Forgiveness As Joy — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Masterpiece — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Love — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Persevere — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Repent — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Presence — Online Worship

Behind the Music: Hope — Online Worship

The New Thing God is Revealing — Online Worship

Reset Button: Justice — Online Worship

Reset Button: Life – Online Worship

Reset Button: Sabbath – Online Worship

Creation Care Online Worship

Easter Sunday Online Worship

Good Friday Online Worship

Maundy Thursday Online Worship

Palm Sunday Online Worship

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