Update from Session on our Pastor Search

We as the leadership body of this church are so proud of our vibrant church community. Times of transition can be challenging, and so many people have stepped up to continue all the good work this church is doing that it truly reinforces the strength of our congregation. Programs have continued, services are happening, we’ve had back to back community events, and the leadership of this church is working hard to chart the course forward for our church. 

After much prayer and consideration, along with hard work from the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) and guidance from the Presbytery, Session has decided to call a designated pastor part time for 2 years. As we have been able to maintain a similar level of community engagement and programs without a pastor these last few months, and we need to be conscious of our fiduciary duty to the church, we feel that a designated pastor is the best course forward. This setup is the most flexible for our church: we will have a dedicated pastor, while we as a church body can continue the programming and community engagement that is so important to us and our mission. At the end of the term, we can renew and keep the pastor, turn the position into an installed pastor, change to full time if finances allow, or go another route. We will be providing more updates as the process continues, and we feel it is important to communicate to our church community where we are in our pastoral search. 

Thanks again for your support and prayers as we navigate to the next chapter at Nederland Community Presbyterian Church!


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