Update from our New Elder for Mission- Paula Gipp

Hello from your new Elder for Mission – My name is Paula Gipp and I have been attending / member of our church for approximately 2 years.  I believe strongly in living one’s faith by actions and consequently felt this position would be a good fit for living my faith and giving back to my community. We have four main community projects our church has been supporting the past years: Socks and Sandwiches, Rocky Mountain Mission, Rise Against Hunger with the Christmas wreaths fundraising, and NICHE.  I would like to utilize this communication outlet for updating our members regularly regarding these different programs. At this time, I would like to focus on the NICHE program.

NICHE is just one of the working programs under the Homeless Outreach umbrella our church has been supporting these past couple years. NICHE (Nederland Interagency Community Homeless Encampment) is a collaborative group of agencies in Boulder County and Nederland that works to address the safety of our mountains and homeless individuals with linking resources to the homeless in our mountain community area.  Our funding comes from a renewable Boulder County grant which helps facilitate our community advocate working directly with the homeless in Nederland. This advocacy works to develop trusting relationships with these individuals.  NICHE was recognized last month for its work by Denver Regional Council of Governments with the Metro Vision Award. See the Youtube video about the award!

Congratulations and kudos for all those people who have made this a noteworthy example of working together to make our community a better place for all of us! Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for any questions regarding this program.  Next communication will be about the Socks and Sandwiches summer program: another arm of NCPC Homeless Outreach projects.

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