Where is Hansen going?

Ya’ll have been asking for a while, and I can finally report, that I will be moving to…

Community of Grace Presbyterian Church in Sandy, Utah!

This great congregation held their meeting on Sunday, to approve my pastoral call, and I will begin as their Pastor on 3 May. COG has a commitment to inclusivity, environmental justice, and outreach partnerships as expressions of their sense of faith. They are not an old church, but have grown consistently for a good while, with a beautiful building ready to fill back up with people, and a lot of energy focused on creative congregational growth. The Pastor Nominating Committee was so easy-going and genuine, asking real questions without feeling like a test, taking me on a hike through the melting snow, introducing me to downtown homeless programs, and one woman even snuck a ski-boot-shaped shot glass into my welcome basket! Their comfortable and open sanctuary has two large windows, one that faces up to the mountains and another that looks down to the city – another congregation was actually at the top of my list, until I felt the Spirit at home in that space. They seem to appreciate some calm traditions of prayer in worship, which hopefully will balance out my… well, you can pick those adjectives for how I lead worship!

I’m sure it had nothing to do with anything, that COG sits right between the base of Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons… almost as close to the premiere resorts Alta and Snowbird, as NCPC is to Eldora. I already have a few climbing buddies in Salt Lake City, and will be just as close to my favorite place in the world to recharge, Silverton in SW Colorado.

I will be moving out to the Valley in mid/late-April, moderately prepared for the life changes that come with a city, like traffic lights and reliable internet. You can imagine it will be a busy transition for me, but do know I’ll be praying for ya’ll. My phone number will be the same, and of course I’ll be getting a new work email – although do know that our relationship is changing, and when you secure your new Pastor, we have to break off communication for a year.

Thank you all, for our nearly 8 years together. Some of you have been here the whole time and might remember the excitement that carried me into your church family. Some of you started attending more recently, and have helped this church grow and thrive. All of you have shaped this holy mess, and I do hope you continue to find meaning and spiritual comfort at this little brown church with a bell.


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