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Social Justice Vigil

NCPC holds monthly prayer vigils for Social Justice, on zoom for now. After this week’s horrible event in Boulder, we are invited to join St Andrew Presbyterian, on their zoom prayer vigil. The details below come from the Rev Jacqueline Van der Pol, Pastor at St Andrew.


St. Andrew Family –

I am broken by the news that ten lives were violently taken yesterday while they were at the grocery store. This happened in our community where we shop, play, pray, and sleep. While I am grateful that our St. Andrew community is safe, ten of our neighbors’ families were shattered by gun violence. Along with all of Boulder, we wait to hear the names of the dead, knowing that our friends and colleagues may well be among them. There is so much grief and anger from what happened yesterday, but the grief and anger are not new. While this mass shooting is closer to our homes than any before, it is by no means the first. The frequency of mass shootings in this country is a tragedy in its own right.

I invite you to join me for a candlelight prayer service by zoom tonight at 6:00pm. It will be a time to gather and support each other, even as we turn to God in sadness and anger. It will be a time to cry out to the Prince of Peace: how long? How long will we grieve the dead instead of protecting the living?


Here is the Zoom link:

Passcode: 742348

To participate by phone:
Call: 253.215.8782
Enter Meeting ID: 833 2457 5585
Passcode: 742348
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Social Justice Working Group

The Social Justice Working Group (SJWG) has been busy in recent weeks! Early in 2021, we initiated a letter-writing campaign to encourage local and state public health organizations to increase vaccinations for people of color (POC). We have additionally been pressing the subject within public meetings with Boulder County Public Health, as well as the County Board of Commissioners. We recently sent letters to the County Commissioners commending the county on the public health campaign surrounding covid, but highlighting that racial disparities still exist, and we are seeking to push them on an improved vaccination campaign for people of color within our county. We asked them how we can help to support them in this fight.

Additionally, we have connected with El Centro Amistad, a local organization whose mission is “to create opportunities and programs that promote health equity, education, and quality of life for the Latino community in Boulder County”. This organization is currently working with the county to increase vaccinations within the Latino community and also supporting community members who are out of work due to the pandemic. We recently requested and were approved, to make a $1000 donation from the Deacons to help support the efforts of El Centro Amistad. Several committee members also donated to El Centro Amistad, and we have asked the Presbytery, other churches, and local non-profits to join us in financially supporting El Centro Amistad’s work, which has already resulted in $500 more.

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