Pastor’s Announcement

Dear Church members & friends,


It has been a wonderful 7 ½ years, serving at NCPC. We’ve accomplished so many things together, built relationships in the image of God, shaped a community spiritually and with our hands, and offered people a place of grace and growth. This has been the highlight of my professional career. And… it’s time to move on.


I am happy to stick around for between 4-9 more weeks in 2021, leading worship online, managing administration, offering pastoral care, and helping prepare for the next stage of both the church and the Nederland community. I have a team of folks helping me with that transition, with details like sharing institutional memory, data transfer, how we can say goodbye during covid restrictions, arranging guest preachers, determining an exact last day of service, et cetera… And we are already connected with our regional office of the denomination, to help with the whole process of searching for the next Pastor – although do know, that will take some time.


It’s been a joy to work with the congregation here, and I believe in the Session’s ability to keep leading this church. There are so many good hearts in this congregation, and I trust in your commitment to caring for neighbors in need. There is a Spirit alive in this church, and I have faith that it will continue after my departure.


I know the next question, and the answer is, I don’t know yet! I am still choosing between a few good job opportunities, but that might still take a little while, so I wanted everyone to know now, rather than wait until a last minute move. Without much anxiety, I’m confident that God will lead me to the right place, just as God will lead you to the next step.


When I do move on to another church, I certainly won’t cut off ties with Nederland, but do know that our pastoral relationship will change. I can be a friend, but when you have a crisis or a joy you want to share, please do reach out to your interim leaders and Deacons for spiritual community and comfort. Eventually, when you call a new Pastor, our denomination mandates that we have to take a year of more intentional separation, so that that new pastoral relationship can gain strength. That new boundary is especially weird on social media, but I trust we can maneuver that path with grace. And still, down the road we’ll be able to laugh together about old times and touch base, just as some of you have seen me do with folks from previous churches I’ve served.


I’ve prayed for ya’ll for a long time, and will continue to do so. God bless.




Rev Hansen Wendlandt


  1. Michelle Bolin says:

    With great difficulty, I wish you well in your future endeavors. You have influenced so many with your words and your passion to serve those underrepresented. You have shared numerous cups of coffee, lent an ear to many who needed to share their stories, and have been open to allow others to intently listen to yours. Hansen, you are a wonderful speaker and your sermons have been impactful, insightful with wisdom and truth or provoked personal reflection, and evaluation. May you find your next landing place as rewarding. We have been blessed by your leadership in Nederland. As you have always made us feel welcome in your home, you are always welcome in ours. We love you, will miss you terribly, and hope you will visit again. Thank you!

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