MLK Day & our Social Justice Working Group

Just about every day in seminary, I (Pastor Hansen) walked near this sculpture. It is there in honor of Rev Dr the King, who received his PhD at Boston Univ School of Theology, 50 years almost to the day that I received my MDiv.

The legend is, that when Dr King’s dream finally comes true, those metal birds will take flight. We aren’t very close to that, I’m afraid, but with hard work, careful introspection, and moral courage, all of us can help bend the moral arc toward justice.

At NCPC, our Social Justice Working Group is trying to take that kind of action to move toward a beloved community. One step: this Sunday at our Congregational Meeting, they are presenting a by-laws amendment, for you to consider.

Our by-laws describe the primary objective of this church to be, “To perform the ministries of worship, proclamation of the Gospel, sharing the Sacraments, evangelism, nurture, counseling, personal and social healing, and service.”

The proposed amendment clarifies those tasks of ministries in this way…

“We understand performing the ministries of this congregation to include a call to reflect the unconditional love that Jesus calls his followers to be in the world through the advocacy for all marginalized individuals, support for the rich diversity within humanity, and welcome of individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, geography, or theological conviction. There is therefore no place in the life of the Church for discrimination against any person. In line with our denomination, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we seek to pursue full representation of all God’s people within our worship, governance, and the life of the church to all persons or groups within its greater community.”

Join in the discussion this Sunday, 24 Jan at 10:30. After the YouTube worship, click on your Congregational Meeting Zoom invite, and help us clarify our purpose as a church.


Our next Prayer Vigil for Social Justice set for 16 Feb, 6 pm on Zoom. Anyone is invited to be in a calm space to share and sing and be silent and spiritual. Bring a candle, and ground yourself in responding to the social injustices that most affect our hearts and lives.

Here is the Zoom link:
Or call in at (346 248 7799) – Meeting ID: 978 6102 4712


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