Social Justice Working Group

Social Justice Working Group

Perhaps you remember that our team sent letters to state and county public health officials, reminding them to pay attention to racial disparities in covid data, and encouraging them to prioritize communities of color, when dispensing the upcoming vaccines. Boulder County responded with a really impressive nine-point plan to support Latinx communities! We’ll be following up with them and the state about other details with regard to anti-racist healthcare, and we are starting to review our own congregation’s by-laws for any places of implicit bias or any opportunity to point us to more distinct anti-racism policies. Your feedback is appreciated!

You can also see the church by-laws amendment that this group proposed!

Our next Prayer Vigil for Social Justice set for 19 Jan, 6 pm on Zoom. Anyone is invited to be in a calm space to share and sing and be silent and spiritual. Our theme this week is finding the light, in a world full of shadows. Bring a candle, and ground yourself in responding to the social injustices that most affect our hearts and lives.

Here is the Zoom link:

Or call in at (346-248-7799) – Meeting ID: 938 6493 8209


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