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As the COVID pandemic continues and various guidelines shift, your faith community stays committed to sharing the good news, in safe and loving ways.



We know that many of you want to get back to in-person worship as soon as possible! I sure miss seeing your face when I try to tell a dumb religious joke… But the numbers continue to spike in Boulder County and across the nation, and every day we see news of another church that met too early and caused dozens of cases of the virus. So, Session has decided we will continue focusing on online worship for now.

We are considering a drive-in Sunday worship service in July, in addition to the online offering. And when we do return to in-person worship, we might come back with two in-person services, due to attendance limitations; and we will probably continue with online videos then, for anyone who isn’t yet comfortable in groups. We’ll let you know all those details, as soon as we figure out schedules and technology.

You can also let us know what might appeal to you. Are you ready asap to return to the church? Would you wear masks and socially distance, be ok with no singing and online signups to reserve space? Would you wait a while to join, until public health has better control of the situation? Or do you think it’s best for our community to stay safer at home and continue online worship?

Until then, you can watch any worship service by going directly to the church’s video channel (, or through our website (, or connecting via social media ( Videos will premiere ‘live’ every Sunday at 10 am, and will remain available forever.



Social Justice

Hansen’s latest article in the Mountain Ear was the Session’s official statement in response to George Floyd’s death, and the communal witness to racial justice. Because racial awakening is so important at this time, NCPC is committed to several steps of action.

  • Everyone is invited the community wide training, Anti-Racist Allyship, on 30 July 6 pm! Regan Byrd is a Denver-based consultant for racial justice, who has led churches and communities in workshops of many kinds. You can imagine she is very busy these days, so we are thrilled that she can lead a Zoom for the Nederland community, sponsored by NCPC. We have room for 100 participants, so when the official sign-ups come around, please join early!
  • This Tuesday, 30 June 6 pm, all are invited to a Zoom discussion of the movie, Just Mercy. Book Club read this last year, and it became a blockbuster movie over winter. It is streaming for free online (YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google, etc). This book and movie is the true story of Bryan Stevenson serving as a lawyer for death row inmates, many of whom were innocent and convicted on racially charged grounds.
  • The Book Club starts up again, 14 July 6 pm, and each Tuesday after. Our next read is So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo. This is a perfect time for all of us to become more racially sensitive and distinctly anti-racist. This book will help, and offer many options for continued action!




The church has been a consistent and ardent supporter of Tungsten Village, the below market Boulder County housing project down the street. Phase 2 of the application process is underway now, with many local friends doing their screenings to be housed! If you wonder why we worked so hard to make that housing available for our neighbors, take a look at this video, or this one, with some friendly and familiar faces.

Our Homeless Advocacy is in full swing, in two ways. First, our church’s weekly meal, Socks & Sandwiches, began 4 June, and continues each Thursday at noon, through August. The number of homeless campers is way down this year, probably because COVID makes it wiser for many folks to stay in place. We believe that vulnerable people are being helped with emergency urban resources, but our staff and volunteers are still here, ready to connect anyone we meet to emergency resources and education about camping guidelines. And of course, we are following the full health protocols assigned by the state and county. Second, the church partners with several other agencies, as part of NICHE. Check out their latest updates at, for how we collaborate to address issues of homeless camping generally and through our time of COVID. One of the big things we had been working on is passing a bill at the State Capitol, to create a task force to determine best practices with regard to homeless outreach and wildfire danger, and to fund $95,000 per year in grants to encourage those best practices. Unfortunately, that bill was a casualty of COVID. From the office of Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg: We are sad to report that due to the unprecedented nature of this year’s legislative session and the devastating economic impacts of COVID19, many of the bills we were championing, did not make it to the finish line, including SB20-018. We absolutely still care about helping those who are experiencing homelessness, connecting them to crucial services and educating them around wildfire safety, and intend to bring this bill back once our economy has recovered and we can fund the program. Thank you for all your efforts.



Fellowship & Christian Education

The Bible Study starts back up on July 15 6 pm, and each Wednesday after. We’re turning to the story books of the Hebrew Bible. Two weeks each on Ruth, Esther, and Jonah – be ready for clear messages of God’s justice!

Men’s and Women’s Groups continue to meet on Zoom.




Beauty & Peace

Thanks to Mark Stringfellow and several volunteers who have made the Guyer Garden just wonderful this year!

Peak to Peak Counseling (next door) always has a couple interns, and they always find ways to help out at NCPC. This year Paul is offering an 8 week Zoom course, in supporting your ability to serve the community, first by focusing on self-care to create a stable, healthy place from which to reach out, and second to focus on the work of offering support to specific populations.




We are so thankful of your continued financial giving through this difficult time! Between Marylou’s persistence with the (complicated!) PPP loan/grant, Cindy’s management of so many details, a few solid grants for mission work, active online giving, and several checks in the mail, we have come through this stage of the pandemic in solid shape. The church will survive and thrive!

As we continue our primarily online gathering, please know that you can always support us at or to PO Box 467.


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