COVID Response – Update 29 May

As the COVID pandemic continues and various guidelines shift, your church stays committed to sharing the good news, in safe and loving ways.



Our Session is generally responsible for the ministry of the church, and particularly responsible for the sanctuary. They are keeping close attention on federal, state, county, and denominational guidelines, and discussing what it will take for us to return eventually to in-person worship. That is a long list of benchmarks to meet… And since we are not very close to that possibility now, we encourage you to continue engaging with worship online. The new worship series is Behind the Music. We uncover the faithful stories and history around several popular hymns.

You can watch any worship service by going directly to the church’s video channel (, or through our website (, or connecting via social media ( Videos will premiere ‘live’ every Sunday at 10 am, and will remain available forever.

This is a great time to include your friends and family in the life of our faith community. Ask them to watch a particular service with you on Sunday morning. Talk with them afterwards about your sense of faith. Invite them to like our Facebook page or follow our YouTube channel, so they can stay connected with us ongoing. This crisis is actually opening windows for new people to hear an approachable, positive message of God’s love!

Also, each week an email goes out to families with children, offering a short lesson that connects with the Children’s Message online. If you think a friend or relative would appreciate getting that little note, let Hansen, Sara, or Aimee know and we can add their name.

If we are able to safely hold an Outdoor Worship Service later this summer, we will let everyone know how to join with that at Chipeta Park or online.


Fellowship & Christian Education

We have an active Book Club, Bible Study, Men’s Group, and Soul Sisters! If you want to join up with any of those, talk to Hansen! All these events are hosted on Zoom, with the associated issues of spotty internet, dogs barking in the background, yawns caught on screen, and real life shared together!

Highlands Camp is usually packed all summer with children in cabins and canoes and chasing each other through the trails. And the Highlands staff always comes to lead our Vacation Bible School week, shared with Calvary Chapel and St Rita’s. Sadly, because of COVID, all of that is canceled this year. Instead, Highlands is offering virtual camps, by age ranges. Find out all the details at If cost is an issue, Ned Community Church is happy to offer half scholarships, no questions asked.



Sadly, our Rocky Mountain Mission program is canceled for the summer. But Community Coordinator Bailey Johnson is joining us to lead some worship music through the summer. And Work Coordinator Jim Reis has been managing a ton of local mission, through our COVID Community Advocacy program. We have been very lucky to win two grants to keep that going, to help locals who are most susceptible to stay safer-at-home, by delivering medicine, groceries, and firewood.

Our Homeless Advocacy is in full swing soon, in two ways. First, our church’s weekly meal, Socks & Sandwiches, begins 4 June, and continues each Thursday at noon, through August. We will be taking all the appropriate precautions to keep volunteers, staff, and clients safe and respected, as well as offering them connection to existing resources and education about camping guidelines. Second, the church partners with several other agencies, as part of NICHE. Check out their latest updates at, for how we collaborate to address issues of homeless camping generally and through our time of COVID. Third, you can also read this Mountain Ear article about what we can all do, to make it a peaceful summer.

The church has been a consistent and ardent supporter of Tungsten Village, the below market Boulder County housing project down the street. Phase 1 of the application process opened a couple weeks ago, and the Peak to Peak Human Services Alliance had prepared mightily, to help a couple dozen locals apply as quickly as possible! If you wonder why we worked so hard to make that housing available for our neighbors, take a look at this video, or this one, with some friendly and familiar faces.



We are so thankful of your continued financial giving through this difficult time! Between Marylou’s persistence with the (complicated!) PPP loan/grant, Cindy’s management of so many details, a few solid grants for mission work, active online giving, and several checks in the mail, we have come through this stage of the pandemic in solid shape. The church will survive and thrive!

As we continue our primarily online gathering, please know that you can always support us at or to PO Box 467.






  1. Echo says:

    Hey Kin! Looking at your calendar it just says on Sundays, “10:00 Worship” it does
    not specifically state on line only.
    Please email me asap as to whether or not there will be an :”:in-house” worship
    Service tomorrow, June 21st, FATHER’S DAY!
    Super Thanks,

    • pastor says:

      Echo, we’re still doing online worship for a while. Watch your email for all updates on that.

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