Sabbatical, Coronavirus, Online Worship…

Pastor Hansen is back from Sabbatical! Thank you to the Session and Deacons for their leadership these last months, especially during this recent coronavirus situation. Eventually we’ll have a worship series about What I Learned during my time away, but until then, let’s figure out how to be the church. Out of chaos, hope…

First, NCPC has hired Claudia Schauffler to be the Community COVID Advocate. Not only has Claudia worked for us the past two summers in homeless outreach, but she has a career background in public health, and was one of the first people in the Nederland region to organize a response to the difficulties presented by this pandemic. Through a generous gift, the church has signed her on to arrange for help of all kinds. If you or a neighbor needs something related to the pandemic, or if you want to offer assistance with grocery delivery, firewood, sanitizing, or anything else, please reach out to Claudia at nedadvocate [at], or 303-258-3387.

Second, we’re going start back up with worship this Sunday morning — from the comfort of your home and computer! Other congregations around the country have had a few weeks to work out the kinks on online worship, so it might take us a bit to get smooth. But we’ll definitely be here for short and sweet services on Palm Sunday (5 Apr), Easter (12 Apr), and Creation Care Sunday (19 Apr). Videos will play from our YouTube channel ( and on our Facebook page ( Those will upload around 10 am, and remain available on both sites forever. AND, from 10-11 on Sunday mornings, Pastor Hansen will be online, inviting any conversation about the Scripture or prayer requests.

Third, the rest of the business of the church continues as best it can. Hansen will be in the office (because his home doesn’t have phone or strong enough internet), but please let’s connect virtually, in whatever way works best for you. The Session will continue to meet weekly to manage our present situation and envision God’s dream for our future. The Deacons will keep checking in on folks. Eventually we’ll figure out Book Club and Men’s Group and Soul Sisters and Coffee Time. We’re still hoping that Rocky Mountain Mission and Socks & Sandwiches can start up in June. We’ll keep up with fresh information on the website and Facebook.

And fourth, of course, we appreciate everyone who can continue to meet their pledge or give financially online. Money now is a strain for nearly every family and business we know, and the church is not immune. The Session has continued to employ our staff through this time — some at fewer hours — and we are definitely going to meet our mission commitments. Our congregation has never been quite financially sound, so this crisis adds another level of concern; and therefore also another opportunity for commitment and faith.

God bless to you all.

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