COVID Response — Update 21 Apr

Ned Community Church is expanding our online ministry!


Fellowship & Christian Education

We used to have a Book Club, Bible Study, Men’s Group, Soul Sisters…

They’re all coming back!

Everything will be hosted on Zoom until we can re-gather in person. I promise some technological glitches. (Do you know how bad Hansen is at this stuff?) But we will run some tests over this week, to make it as smooth as possible. And if you need help signing up for a free Zoom account, we can help with that too.

Do let me know if you want to be included on these invites!

Book Club starts 5 May and continues on Tuesday nights at 6 pm – The book we had planned for months ago is Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?, by Brian McLaren. You can get that at, to support local bookstores affected by the COVID crisis. Let’s read the first two chapters for this first meeting!

Bible Study starts 29 April and continues on Wednesday nights at 6 pm – Each of the Gospels has its own personality. Let’s read Mark, two chapters per week. Do expect to flip back to the same story presented in the other gospels, and to hear the different translations that other folks are using. If you want really good and easy access to different translations, check out

Soul Sisters is ahead of the game! The Women’s Group has already been meeting online, and will be gathering for lunch on Saturday 25 April at noon, and probably once a month after that. Check with Larissa Reinhardt (, 650-799-0991) to receive that invitation.

Men’s Group has its first online gathering this Thursday 23 April at 6 pm. Most of us will have the NFL draft on one screen and our faces on another… Football or not, we’ll keep up every month on the 4th Thursday.


New Worship Series

Typically at NCPC we connect weeks of worship through one thematic series. Starting this Sunday, the services will all revolve around Reset Button. I had my own reset button on sabbatical recently. We’re all facing our personal reset buttons during this crisis, to figure out what really matters to our lives. And our society has a major reset button coming, so that our new normal might be more loving and peaceful than our old normal.

As will be the case for the foreseeable future, you can watch any worship service by going directly to the church’s video channel (, or through our website (, or connecting via social media ( Videos will premiere ‘live’ every Sunday at 10 am, and will remain available forever.

You can set up reminders by subscribing to our YouTube channel, liking our Facebook page, or if you want an email each Sunday morning at 9 am, with simply the link for that particular day’s service, please let me know.

This is a great time to include your friends and family in the life of our faith community. Ask them to watch a particular service with you on Sunday morning. Talk with them afterwards about your faith. Invite them to like our Facebook page or follow our YouTube channel. This crisis is actually opening windows for new people to hear an approachable, positive message of God’s love!

For instance, each week an email goes out to families with children, offering a short lesson (video, arts & craft, etc) that connects with the Children’s Message online. If you think a friend or relative would appreciate getting that little note, let me know and we can add their name.



(If you would prefer not to receive these updates in the future, please reply with a simple STOP.)



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