Annual Congregational Meeting

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Annual Congregational Meeting on 21 January.

We voted on three folks to continue serving as Deacon (David Ford) and Elder (Marylou Harrison & Jim Reis). Congrats to them, and thanks for your service!

We presented the 2018 Budget, and approved Hansen’s terms of call. (Details are below.)

If you have further questions about the ministry of our administration, please reach out to Hansen; or if it’s a financial question, Marylou would be happy to talk to you.


NCPC 2018 Narrative Budget

Nederland Community Presbyterian Church is a place for worship, fellowship, education, discussion, and sharing. NCPC is supported by and serves 54 members, 67 local regular non-member attendees, and 48 summer members/attendees.  Session approved total spending of $132,383 for 2018.

Sources of Funds

NCPC is funded by free-will gifts of its members, individuals, and the occasional specific gift or grant. In 2018, we expect to receive a total of $85,151 from these sources: Budgeted income of $74,991 (from pledges of $51,840, unpledged offerings at $22,800, groups using our building will give $350, and don’t forget $1 in interest income!), and Designated giving for specific projects of $10,160 (including things like the Deacons’ Fund Christmas Eve Offering, grants for Rocky Mountain Mission, gifts to Socks and Sandwiches, etc).

We expect to spend $132,383, with the regular business of the church budgeted for expenses of $114,812, and approximately $17,500 more to be spent on previously funded projects or on mission work that does its own fundraising. This means NCPC is planning to run a budget deficit of $39,821, with another $7500 spent on special programs (including things like the Rise Against Hunger packing sessions, new safety doors for which we won a grant, etc).

For the past six years, NCPC has planned to run a deficit budget, and by the grace of God, we have finished each year in better financial shape than we planned. We cannot, however, rely on that trend, and need to move toward a more sustainable balanced budget, so we do not draw down reserves and are then forced to cut programs and service.

Uses of Funds

The proposed budget for 2018 breaks down this way:


$27,152 or 21% of Expenses

Financial support to Nederland Food Pantry

Organize and support Socks and Sandwiches

Financial support to Highlands Camp

Contribution to Presbyterian mission programs

Deacons’ work to provide community support

Organize and gather member support for Rise Against Hunger

Hansen and Jim organizing and leading Rocky Mountain Mission

Hansen’s time arranging for other local mission work



$27,707 or 21% of Expenses

Hansen’s time overseeing the ministry of administration

Hansen’s time keeping us connected to the Presbytery and the denomination

Office expenses such as internet, background checks, advertising, software, postage, etc.

Cindy serving as our Director of Finance



$26,601 or 20% of Expenses

Hansen’s time planning and leading worship services

Daniel and guest pianists leading our music

Fill-in Pastors

Sara leading childcare during worship

Music-related costs such as piano tuning and purchasing new music

Weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.


Building and Property

$16,744 or 13% of Expenses

John’s custodian services

Guyer Garden maintenance

Building insurance

Repairs and maintenance

Utilities and trash fees


Christian Education

$10,876 or 8% of Expenses

Sara teaching Sunday School

Supplies and curriculum for Sunday School

Sponsor kids and adults to go to camps and conferences

Vacation Bible School

Back to School Community event

Adult Education such as Bible study, book group, and religious literacy


Pastoral Care

$9,917 or 7%, of Expenses

Hansen’s time listening and talking with church and community members

Hospital visits

Prison visits



$8,849 or 6% of Expenses

Hansen’s work with various community agencies such as:

Peak to Peak Human Services

Nederland Interagency Council on Homeless Encampments (with USFS, Sheriff, shelters…)

Hansen’s work to build relationships and cooperation with:

Nederland area schools

Nederland Area Seniors

Town Hall

Nederland Police

Peak to Peak Counseling



$500 or less than 1% of Expenses

Occasional food for fellowship after worship

Food and decoration for special services, funerals, etc.



$4,036 or 3% of Expenses

Taxes (not Pastor)

Covenant Commitment to Presbytery (based on membership)

Other various costs


Pastor’s Terms of Call

2017                                                                            2018

Salary           $39,440.00                                         Salary           $41,507.32

Hous Allow   $10,000.00                                       Hous Allow   $10,000.00

Tax adv        $567.32                                                Tax adv        $0

Total Pay    $50,007.32                                    Total Pay    $51,507.32


Pen/Health    $18,252.67   (Presby-designated %)         Pen/Health    $18,502.71

SECA tax      $3,782.16     (Gov-designated %)                 SECA tax      $3,825.56

Vehicle         up to $2000  (Presbytery minimum)           Vehicle         up to $2000

Cont Ed        up to $938.47 (based on Presby min)          Cont Ed        $752.43

403b Match   $0                                                                       403b Match   $1,200.00

Total Ben    $24,973.30                                                   Total Ben    $26,280.70


Total Comp $74,980.63                                         Total Comp $77,788.02


2 weeks Continuing Ed      (Presby min)                    2 weeks Continuing Ed

5 weeks vacation                                                              5 weeks vacation

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