What’s new in 2017?

Book Club starts back up 10 January, and continues each Tuesday at 5:30 pm in the sanctuary. (This is a little earlier than we were meeting, so that the Bible Study can piggy back afterwards.) A number of our regular Book Club folks like history, and everyone likes Jesus, so how about a book about the “historical Jesus”? The Meaning of Jesus has two authors: the eminent theologian and liberal religious critic, Marcus Borg, and the thorough scholar and conservative traditionalist, NT Wright. Together, they discuss (or, debate with kindness) what we can know, what we should believe, and how we might respond in our lives, based on the best historical evidence available, from the Bible and other ancient sources that help us understand its context and meaning. Borg can be a little precocious and Wright can be heady sometimes, but these friends wrote together, so that all of us could learn, reflect, pray, and deepen our own faith, rather than argue and pick sides. Let’s take a page out of that book!


Bible Study is back! We’ve tried a couple different times, and folks keep asking for it. So, let’s try again, starting on 10 January, and continuing each Tuesday at 6:45 pm in the sanctuary. (This is directly after Book Club.) Our first book will be the Gospel of Mark, and you can prepare by reading the first three chapters. Together, we’ll try to answer two basic questions: What do these stories mean, and why do/should they matter to you? Expect a little bit of history, some theology, a dose of ethics and spirituality, and a main course of conversation—what do you hear the Spirit saying, in any given verse or passage, and what does it make you think and feel about God and what God wants for the world?  


Religious Literacy Series

The next Religious Literacy event will be 22 January, on Buddhism. You’ve all seen Buddhist prayer flags and are certainly familiar with the Dalai Lama. But what about your mountain neighbors who identify with the religion? How do they live? There are spiritual similarities with Christianity, but how so, given the deep differences in our history, Scriptures, and concepts about the sacredness of life?

Of course, we’ll have a great lunch, with food from Southeast Asia, where Buddhism is most popular. Stick around after worship, 11:45-1:15, and of course, invite your friends!


Annual Congregational Meeting

According to our tradition, and the organizational rules for Presbyterian churches, we need to have a formal Annual Congregational Meeting at the beginning of each year. So, please join us for worship this 29 January, and stick around afterwards to handle some of the important business of the church. All members get to vote on the new church leaders (Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee) and the Pastor’s terms of call. If you have any input on the new bylaws that were passed in July, please bring that to Hansen by mid-December, so we can prepare for a vote on that as well. Also at this meeting, the Session will share its 2017 budget, for your conversation and questions.

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