Annual Stewardship Campaign

Dear NCPC Community,


Our ‘little brown church with the bell’ has provided folks a sanctuary for worship and comfort in Nederland for over 100 years. As well as being a home where we seek and praise God together, Nederland Community Presbyterian Church has become a hub for making the world a more Christ-like place. Whether we’re packing meals to feed hungry kids in Africa or reaching out to hungry folks along the Peak to Peak, whether we’re working for more reasonably priced housing so locals can stay in the mountains or providing physical, financial, or emotional support during the Cold Springs fire, folks at Nederland Community Presbyterian Church are making big changes in the world.


When I attend Plains and Peaks Presbytery meetings and share with others how much impact our congregation makes locally as well as globally, often I am met with surprise and the question, “How do you do it?” My answer is two-fold: It’s our people, and our pastor. Our congregants genuinely care about each other and about creating a more just future. Our pastor inspires us with his passionate example of action and ‘walking the talk’ that God’s grace is for everyone, those with means and those in need, the disenfranchised and those who are well connected, mountain residents and those who are just passing through. I share that our church doors are frequently open for people to come in when they need help or for advice or just to see a friendly face. As a specific example, I share that during the Cold Springs fire, our pastor and our mission elder were fixtures at the evacuation center, caring for the needs of others despite their own home evacuations.


As we look to 2017, we hope to continue God’s work here in Nederland, providing warm, engaging Sunday services, fellowship opportunities for our congregation, strong pastoral leadership, and active community outreach. To do that, we need your help. This year, rather than politely asking you to pledge, I am intently asking you to dig deep as you consider your giving for next year. NCPC is at a crossroads: Can we continue to support our important mission work and achieve financial stability, or must we return to the days of a part-time pastor and a less vibrant community of faith?


Enclosed with this letter you will find a pledge card for the coming year. You will also find a form so you can tell us how you would like to participate in the work done at NCPC. Please give this annual request prayerful thought. God has provided us with so much. Search your heart for what you can share.


Thank you for your continued support of Nederland Community Presbyterian Church.


Marylou Harrison

Nederland Community Presbyterian Church

Elder for Finance



Nederland Community Presbyterian Church

PO Box 467, Nederland, Colorado 80466


In gratitude to God and in support of the ongoing mission and program budget of my church, my/our faith commitment for the year 2017 will be:


$__________  weekly – monthly – yearly  (please circle one)


Name____________________________________  Phone________________


Please place this form in the pledge box on the credenza in the church

                       on or before November 13, or you may send it to the above address,

Attention: Treasurer.

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